Operating security cameras in your workplace, warehouse or home used to be expenseive and required lots of maintenance. Since the security footage needed to be stored on VHS tapes, such mode of surveillance required constant replacement of tapes and took considerable storage place. Today, after extensive improvements and introduction of new technologies to the industry, the cost of running security cameras is much less than it used to be in the old days. Digital Video Recoders (DVR) that replaced the old video tapes, eliminated the need for constant maintenance and freed up the considerable storage space to be used for normal day-to-day business operations, as opposed to being stocked up with old VHS tapes.

Keytec Locksmith & Security has an extensive experience in installing and maintaining closed circuit television (CCTV) security cameras. We offer you quick, professional service at affordable rates.

Our security services includes :

* Security cameras installation * Security cameras replacement * Installation and maintenance
* Intercom system installation and repair * Indoor and outdoor camera service  


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